Zephyr J.

About zephyrj.com


This is my personal website and portfolio. Explore to find fun web toys and projects!

Technical Difficulties

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About Zephyr J.


Hi! I'm Zephyr, and my pronouns are they/them.(resources on how to use singular they/them)

Currently I'm a junior in high school searching for summer internships. If you want to contact me you can at z@zephyrj.com

Programming Experience

I have a decent amount experience in Java and Python (and with it Jinja templates) and extensive experience in C++ and JavaScript. I also have some experience with Flask coupled with EC2 for web hosting and Unity for game design.


When I'm not programming, working on schoolwork, eating, or sleeping, I am reading Science Fiction, planning and organizing for various school clubs like the weekly Queer Straight Alliance (QSA) meeting, Data Science Club meeting, and Computer Science Club meeting, or exploring anything else that piques my interest.